17 Јун

First summit of the international style elite taking place in Munich on June 18. VISIONS – IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD showcases the works of the 11 most internationally renowned style bloggers. The Styleclicker, F&ART, Les Mads, The Facehunter, HEL LOOKS, The Cobrasnake, Glamcanyon, Stil in Berlin, Show Me Your Wardrobe, Bryanboy and Playlust present ten of there best works plus a special eleventh piece.

Images of the world’s most cutting-edge model citizens, snapshots of the hottest parties, and the latest trends in art and design.

Bloggers sniff out the latest trends and crazes. They are our constant online companions, with fans logging onto their favourite sites on a daily basis. Yet few of them ever get the chance to meet their idols in person or see their work anywhere but on the computer screen. IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, virtual style icons become flesh-and-blood artists as eleven of the best come together in one place to present their visions”.

Vernissage: June 18, 8pm
Location: Baaderstrasse 7, Munich, Germany
Opening times: 5-11pm, June 19 through to June 24


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